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Here’s a tip to help prevent the clogging of your sink’s, toilets and bathroom drains!

Never put large item’s down your kitchen sink or grains that expand such as rice, wheat, flours,  breads, sharp items like animal bones or egg shells.

In the bathrooms, try to prevent as much hair as you can from going down the drain. As you brush/comb your hair try to catch the excess as it falls and scoop the rest off of the brush and throw it away. Putting hair in the toilet and flushing it can cause your drains to clog through out your home as well and can even effect your sink drains when the toilet drain is clogged.

Keeping a small jug of Draino on hand for small clogs is always a great idea!

Cutting a lemon into quarters and rubbing them around your sinks helps naturally disinfect and helps your sinks smelling great! Also, afterwards– put one quarter lemon in your garbage disposal and let it run for about 20 seconds, remove and dispose. See how long that great clean sink smells lasts!


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